Contactless delivery


Fonteyne The Kitchen cares about your health and well-being and ensures that high standards regarding hygiene and cleanliness are met. We ensure this not only in the shops and kitchens, but also in our refrigerated trucks that we use for home deliveries.


Our drivers are trained to keep physical distance, disinfect their hands after every point of contact, and wear a mask, gloves and protective clothing. Their clothing is professionally disinfected after every working day.

Our drivers call you when they are at your house with the order before delivering it so you can receive your goods from a safe distance. 


If you do not feel well or uncomfortable going outside, have your meals delivered. Fonteyne The Kitchen promises that your order will be delivered with the greatest attention to your health.

For more information, please contact, 02 333 50 10 or via the live chat on the website.